Cable Jungle Team (Our Family)

About Us – Team & Family

Cable Jungle Adventure Phuket was founded in 2005 by Alberto.  After having spent 7 months living, surveying and experiencing the jungle upon which the zip line tours would occur.

The goal was to provide a Canopy Experience that showcased the amazing beauty of Phuket’s untamed jungles, while providing heart-pounding, pulse-popping adrenaline-charged fun. And it had to do it while protecting and preserving trees and inhabitants that called his forest home.

From the very beginning The Cable Jungle Team has been husbands & wives and brothers & sisters.  Over the years, we’ve also added children, nieces and nephews.  There’s also been a few chickens, rabbits, puppies and kittens – and a Gibbon.  It’s a family experience – for everyone.

Cable Jungle Adventure Phuket has more than 20 years of experience in canopy zip-line adventures, well trained staff and use only the highest quality international-standard safety equipment.

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