We’ve Built Our Course To Be Part of The Natural Forests

We spent 7 months living in the forests where Cable Jungle Adventure was built. Everyday, exploring the vistas, discovering the majestic trees that tower into the sky and determining how to ensure our customers have an experience and not just ‘a ride’.

Along your journey, we’ll share with you some of the amazing discoveries we found (and continue to find) including indigenous wildlife, trees so old your great grandparents may have visited them, edible plants, remnants of the original Phuket settlers and more.

Our course course offers 360-degree panoramic vistas of the forest canopy – with no man-made structures in site! And unlike other canopy zip tours, we offer our customers a free-roaming experiencing; you’re not tethered to an instructor and restricted in where you go, nor how long you might want to enjoy the views.  We provide the gear, YOU decide the journey. Our guides are present for your safety, not to inhibit your fun.

Course Map For Cable Jungle Adventure Phuket

The first of our 21 stations already shows what Cable Jungle offers:

A 300 meter flight amongst the giants, soaring at altitudes where the monkeys hang and birds fly.

Course Highlights

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Tallest Station H